TDF Podcast, stage 16: Farmers’ protest and remembering Casartelli

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If you’ve missed out on our daily podcasts from the Tour de France, today is the day to rectify that.

Caley Fretz, Dave Everett, and Rupert Guinness ventured over the Col du Portillon and into Spain for dinner, where they settle into a conversation about protests, safety, and the unique vulnerability of pro cycling. Guinness recalls the day Fabio Casartelli died, not far from the spot where Philippe Gilbert crashed on Tuesday. He was covering the race that day, and his recollections are chilling and emotional.

Plus, Everett was in a team car when the Tour de France was stopped, accidentally hit with pepper spray, and neutralized. He brings an audio diary from those tense moments inside the race, as well as the moment Gilbert crashed. And we hear from Taylor Phinney on what it was like to ride through a cloud of pepper spray.

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