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Three Boutique Brands You Need To Know Right Now

At the Emporium we strive to bring you premium cycling apparel and accessories from the finest boutique brands across the globe. We’d like to introduce you to three boutique brands that deserve your attention as they design and produce some of the best cycling apparel that you can ever squeeze your skinny (or not so skinny) butts into.

Proudly made and designed in Spain, Endless was founded in 2015 by Hugo Huerga, who says he had just one goal when starting the brand: making great kits for his friends. The story of Endless is not too dissimilar to other new brands we speak to. It begins with a founder who was fed up with the lack of options for good quality cycling kit that he and his riding buddies could easily access and that matched their design aesthetic.

When speaking to Hugo, his passion for our great sport and the bonds of friendship the bike can form is clearly evident. Indeed it’s something we can all relate to.

The designs are simple enough not raise eyebrows but upon further inspection pay exceptional attentional to detail as can be noted from the Atlantico jersey. Combined with cutting-edge manufacturing processes, Endless produces premium quality apparel that will last day in, day out and turn heads where ever the road takes you.


Paria from the UK bring in your face cycling and casual apparel that you can’t turn away from. Designed with punk attitude and drawing heavily from tattoo inspired artworks Paria utilises premium Italian materials for disruptive fashion forward cyclists. Founded upon the desire to deliver something fresh into the cycling market taking urban influences and attitude, coupled with the grit and fervor driven out of the Yorkshire countryside.

Paria works with bamboo tattoo artists, up and coming designers and illustrators to create cycling apparel that steers as far away from the mainstream as possible while still maintaining the objective to design apparel which will deliver exceptional performance with no compromises in either technical ability or durability.


Last but definitely not least, Vertex London is a modern luxury brand for innovative cycling wear. Inspired by the heritage of cycling culture and elements of contemporary fashion & urban style. Their minimalist take on design draws nothing away from the quality of the materials used to produce their range of apparel. Unbelievably soft materials are paired with safety driven fabric features and race tailored cut and composition.

Vertex London’s classic styling matched with the latest innovative technical fabrications. It’s the refined details that you only notice up close that really elevate the range.