Casp on the Emporium

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Founded by former Commonwealth Games competitor Chris Spence and based in the UK, Casp was created with the desire to produce tailored fitting cycling apparel that was comfortable enough to be worn day in day out. The range features bold designs, often drawing inspiration from hand illustration across a wide-ranging colour palette that stands out from the more conservative cycling brands currently in the market, which is exactly how Casp wants to position themselves.

The days of there being only a handful of cycling apparel designers apart from the big Italian manufacturers are long gone, Casp recognises that to be seen in an over-saturated market not only do you have to produce premium quality kit, but you have to be brave with your designs. Featuring both men’s and women’s jerseys, bibs and jackets as well as an extensive sock catalogue and accessories, Casp has catered for the modern-day cyclist who isn’t afraid of tearing down the traditional cycling design prejudices and forging their own path forward.

Casp performance cycling blends modern and brazen designs with hand-crafted Italian fabrics to provide athletes with a carefully designed anatomical cut that ensures premium fit, style, comfort and performance. Their range is designed by cyclists, for cyclists with every attention to detail considered to optimise performance without compromising comfort so that the rider only has to think about one thing, the road ahead.


The range is influenced by retro designs, paying homage to the classic era of cycling while maintaining an eclectic feel that sets Casp performance cycling apart from the mainstream apparel industry.