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Dear CT readers,

Over the past few weeks, we’ve worked hard in the background to make some changes to the editorial direction of the site, and those efforts will be led by our very own Caley Fretz as our new Editor-in-Chief.

Change always keeps things fresh and adapting to a rapidly evolving media landscape is absolutely necessary. Caley has shown great enthusiasm and brought innovative ideas to CyclingTips in his short tenure here and I’m looking forward to seeing a new energy on our pages that the entire team will contribute to.

Please welcome Caley to the helm.

Wade Wallace

Hello, readers. I don’t feel like I need to introduce myself, so I’ll tell a short story instead.

Just about a year ago, I cut out of work early because I had an important decision to make, and such decisions are best made by bicycle.

There’s a climb near here called Chapman, surfaced in packed dirt with a gate at the bottom that keeps cars away. It snakes up the back side of the mountain closest to town and if you ride it in the evening, when the sun bounces low off the peaks to the west, it’s just about the best place I can think of to do some thinking. So I rode up there and thought.

I was weighing whether to join CyclingTips. It’s a big thing, changing jobs. I’m sure many of you have gone on similar bike rides and stopped at an overlook to do similar thinking. And then you make a decision. But you don’t know, not really anyway, whether it’s the right one.

It was the right one. I love it here. I love it so much they gave me the keys to the whole castle. As of about two weeks ago, Wade tapped me to be the new editor-in-chief of CyclingTips, and that’s just about the coolest thing I can imagine.

I ducked out of work again today, just a bit early. I spun up Chapman, slowly, at the pace of thought: A project in California this weekend; our editorial calendar; should we start a cycling book club? Turn left, steeper here. Turn right, view of the mountains. Setting sun, not a soul in sight.

The Beauty of Cycling, right in front of me.

The nice thing about making the right decisions for CyclingTips is that a bike ride is always the answer.

Thank you, sincerely, for coming along with us.

Caley Fretz

P.S. Want to put some thoughts in my head for my ride tomorrow? Leave them in the comments below.

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