Wearwell: 100 Years of Cycling History

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“One general law, leading to the advancement of all organic beings, namely, multiply, vary, let the strongest live and the weakest die.”

As with all good stories, the rise of Wearwell is littered with family feuds, corruption, deceit, scandal and triumph over adversity. Our history is a melting pot of characters, locations, disasters, wars and economic crises – punctuated with moments of great vision and bravery from those at its helm. Wearwell really is the beast that just won’t die. Its dedication to providing cycling lovers the world over with high quality, iconic products has spanned generations, and they have no intention to stop that now.

The second edition of the Revival collection pays tribute to it’s twentieth century roots and features updated jersey design features, socks, gloves and race caps in matching colourways.

The Revival Jersey – Second Edition is an evolution of their existing model which launched last year. The classic look of the original design still remains, but several amendments have been made to improve the latest version. The length of the Second Edition jersey has been reduced to improve the fit and comfort afforded to the rider. Meanwhile, the rear pockets have been raised up the back and reinforced using the latest fabric bonding technology to ensure they remain secure and sag is minimised when filled. A discrete headphone hole can be found within the waterproof valuables pocket. The jersey is also 10% lighter than the previous incarnation.

Revival Collection Cycling Cap

The cycle cap has its practical positives, but surely this pales into insignificance when compared to its style benefits? Whether under helmet, on its own, facing forward or back, peak up or peak down – not to mention the different colourways available – the cap provides near endless possibilities for a rider to add their own statement piece to any ride and help them stand out from the crowd. The Wearwell Revival cap is made from 100% cotton and uses subtle detailing throughout.


Revival Mitt

The palm of the Revival Mitt is made from a hardwearing synthetic material which ensures that the glove endures the natural wear and tear of regular rides. A mix of gel and memory foam pads are placed at key pressure points where the hands experience the most sustained periods of contact with the handlebars. Hex-print silicone is added to these to improve grip. The lightweight and breathable stretch fabric on the back of glove helps regulate sweating and also creates a close fit.


Revival Collection Sock

The humble sock. Frequently chucked into the laundry basket post-ride, muddied and sodden, without so much as a second glance. Yet, they are frequently the item that – on their own – add both personality and panache to a rider’s outfit.  Wearwell’s Revival sock range comes in a variety of colours to help you co-ordinate with your own kit, bike, personality or mood. Made from the best technical fabrics available the Revival Sock will keep your feet dry while you look sharp.