NRS component of Giro Della Donna cancelled

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CyclingTips regrets to announce that we’ve made the tough decision to cancel the NRS (National Road Series) component of the Giro della Donna on November 24-25, 2018.

Unfortunately, the emergency access requirements in this high-fire-risk area made it unfeasible for police to fully close significant sections of the roads, and without a fully closed course, the race would not meet minimum NRS safety standards.

We examined many alternative options for the race to continue however despite our best efforts we could not find a suitable format for the event. A dual stage race on different areas of the course was investigated:

Road Race Stage 1 (Blue) – 38km.
Neutralised section (Green) Cambarville to Narbethong – riding under normal road rules, roughly 27km.
Road Race Stage 2 (Orange) once within the second closure, Acheron Way to the summit of Mount Donna Buang 35km.

However, after consultation with the teams we were not confident that this was a satisfactory format that upheld the NRS standards.

Cycling Australia went above and beyond to try to find solutions and take on the financial risk associated with running this event. With their solutions, we could have proceeded, but in the end, it was our decision that the substandard race format, the planning risk, the impact to the Giro della Donna main event, and the financial risk, were too significant for us to bear.

We are extremely sorry for any inconvenience caused and even more sorry that we aren’t able to provide a platform for the NRS as part of the Giro della Donna.

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