3T robbed: Over 20 bikes stolen, including frame painted by Dario Pegoretti

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Just weeks after movings its offices to Presezzo near Bergamo in northern Italy, resurgent bike brand 3T has been robbed.

At 6am on Monday morning, a group of professional thieves drilled through a one-metre-thick brick wall to gain access to the new factory building. According to 3T’s Rene Wiertz, the thieves “moved quickly to break the warehouse door, cut the fence surrounding our office and moved more than 20 bikes into their van.”

All the demo and display bikes inside were taken, including a one-off 3T Exploro which was painted by the late Dario Pegoretti as a gift to the re-birthed brand.

Hole in building
The thieves made their way through a one-metre thick wall to gain access to the building.

The company has not released a list of what bikes were stolen, but has simply asked the public to keep an eye out for suspicious sales activity. Given the professionalism of this theft, it’s highly likely the bikes will make their way out of Italy and into other markets. Seemingly, and understandably, it’s the gift from Pegoretti that 3T wants back the most.

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