Photo gallery: A look back at the entertaining career of Alberto Contador

by CyclingTips

It’s less than a fortnight now until the Giro della Donna and we can’t wait. Not just because the riding is going to be great — the 55km Gravel Giro on the Saturday, and the 125km main event on the Sunday — but because of the special guest we’ve got coming along.

You would have heard by now that multiple-time winner of all three Grand Tours, Alberto Contador, is our ambassador for the 2018 Giro della Donna. We couldn’t be more thrilled. We’ve long been fans of Contador’s aggressive, instinctive racing — a real tonic at a time when racing was becoming increasingly clinical thanks to a reliance on power meters.

Organising Contador’s visit got us reminiscing. It had us thinking about all those times Contador went on the attack, dancing out of the saddle in his trademark style, often a long way from the finish of the stage. He pulled off some amazing long-range raids in his time, riding with a sense of panache that few others in the sport have been capable of.

With that in mind, scroll on down for a visual history of some of Contador’s most memorable moments. We published something similar at the time of his retirement last year but with GdD just around the corner, we figured it was time for another ‘Bertie’-themed stroll down memory lane!

Oh, and if you fancy riding with Contador at the Giro della Donna, we still have some tickets available. You can sign up here. And if you’d like to join our VIP Pasta Dinner, where Contador will be in conversation with Olympic gold medallist Scott McGrory, we have limited spots available for that too. Get your ticket here before they run out!

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