Dog, cats, disco dancing and zipties: The bunch Ep.5

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Welcome to episode five of The Bunch, our round-up of what’s happening here at CT and a few bits of news from the world of cycling.

This past week, oddly, saw two articles about dads. That wasn’t even pre-planned — what are the chances? First up there was Neal Rogers’ weekly article, and as a father of a two-and-a-half-year-old he’s seen his relationship with his two-wheel longtime friend change just as much as his sleeping pattern (I’m guessing). Read it if you’re a dad, about to be a dad, you know a dad, or if your partner’s moaning that he doesn’t get out on the bike as much as he did before that small person turned up. It’s, as ever, a pleasant read.

The second ‘father’ article is arguably the opposite, a father and son doing a whole heap of cycling together, by jetting off to Morocco and tackling the High Atlas mountains. Neal, we expect you to redo this route and article in 15 years-ish with your daughter. The photos and words in this one will take you to a far off land, unless you live in Morocco already.

It the world of tech, it’s all about tools and pedals. James Huang clips into Shimano’s updated PD-ES600 and finds out that not everything that’s new is better than before. Dave Rome, CT’s very own tool nerd expert, checks out if it’s worth buying the latest Unior Pro Home tool case, or whether you should you just pick and choose what you want.

As for sneak peeks, well you are all in for a treat. Late last year Andy van Bergen headed over to Kyrgyzstan. That’s all I’m going to say on the matter — we have a quick look at what it’s all about in this episode of The Bunch but the full article will hit CT’s homepage any day now. It’s a belter!

Also in this episode, we have race news and James yet again finds something to moan about in The Rant. Oh, and yeah, the guys may eventually tell us what’s on the podcast!

‘Till next week.

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