On the ground in Flanders: The Bunch, Ep. 10

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Hello and welcome to another episode of The Bunch. It’s a bit of a different one this week. If you could smell it would have a tinge of deep-fried cheese sticks, a waft of cheap processed meat and the aroma of copious frites. There’s also the heady scent of a strong, rich adult beverages. Yep, this is the Flanders edition of The Bunch.

I’d warned you in previous episodes of The Bunch that we’d mix things up with this series from time to time, and, well, getting thrown about on the cobbles of Flanders is sure fire way of mixing things up.

We’ve forgone the usual chit chat about the goings on in the world of CyclingTips, what we have going here on the site, what to expect in the coming week and all the usual gubbins, the rant, tech time and such. There’s still a whole heap of goodness here on the site, we’ve not slacked off just because the good racing is on.

Anyway back to what I was rambling about, we have instead focused all the energy of this episode on that bike race that’s just been on in Belgium. And what a race it was.

Caley and I had the privilege of venturing to Belgium to take in all the action, In fact, we’re still here, staying for that other cobbled classic on this coming Sunday. Yep, I know it’s not a bad job at times!

So expect this vid to be a bit different, we’ve tried to cram the madness of the first race that bookends the holy week of racing.

Expect a slightly alternative look at the race, get ready for the not so usual questions, a lot of banter, multiple pastries and get ready for some tears…you’ll cry, trust us!

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