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What’s going on in the mountain bike world? The Pinkbike Digest showcases the top dirt articles from our mountain bike sister-site, Pinkbike.com. You’ll get coverage from racing, tech, and some fun story-telling along the way.

Can You Guess These 21 Tires By Their Tread Patterns Alone? – Sea Otter 2019
By: Richard Cunningham

I’ll bet some of you have never used anything other than a Maxis Minion DHF or DHR II – or have even paid attention to another brand or model. If that’s you, don’t waste your time with this competition. Only the most knowledgeable tire specialists will be able to post a top score in Pinkbike’s “Name that Tire” contest. (Read more.)

Point: Suspension Lockout Levers Have Made Bikes Worse
By: Mike Levy

You know what they say about opinions, right? Speaking of a*sholes, Levy and Matt Wragg are never short of opinions, and most of them are at complete odds with one another. This time, it’s lockout levers and whether they make sense or not. (Read more.)

Counterpoint: We Need Suspension Lockout Levers
By: Matt Wragg

Matt’s take is below and is all about having two bikes in one, whereas Levy is convinced – and will try to convince you as well – that they’re just a crutch for a design that could be better. Check out Levy’s thoughts on lockout levers: Who’s right might not be the best question, but is one of them less wrong than the other?

(Read more.)

Just Riding Along – Sunday Comics with Taj Mihelich
By: Taj Mihelich

Every bike mechanic has funny stories about customers who were “just riding along” when something failed on their bike (and they usually want a free repair or a warranty). I asked mechanics to share some stories on my Instagram and got tons of funny ones. Thanks very much! I illustrated a few of them for your entertainment. (Read more.)

Build Your Dream World Cup Team XC Today with The 2019 Fantasy XC League
By: Pinkbike

Pick your dream XC World Cup team and you could be in the running to walk home with a Trek Top Fuel Carbon kitted out with Rockshox suspension and SRAM components! Build your team today! (Read more.)

Opinion: Why Is Everyone Talking About Seat Tube Angles?
By: Mike Kazimer

Seat tube angles. A few years ago they were barely worth a mention in a bike review, and now entire paragraphs are being dedicated to a seemingly minor geometry figure. What gives? Are bikes so good now that reviewers are obsessing over details that barely matter? Not exactly.
(Read more.)

Video: Are 29/27.5″ Mullet Bikes Faster Than 29ers?
By: Mike Kazimer

Mullet bikes. 97.5ers. Frankenwheelers. Whatever you want to call them, bikes with mixed wheel sizes have made their mark in the racing world this season.
(Read more.)

Advice From Vintage Cycling Books – Sunday Comics with Taj Mihelich
By: Taj Mihelich

I love old cycling books and have a growing collection. It’s interesting to see how far bikes have come. For example the Complete Book of Bicycling says that a top of the line bike will range in price from $120 to $180. For today’s comics (and hopefully your entertainment) I redrew some of my favorite quotes. (Read more.)

4 New Materials That Could Improve Carbon Fiber
By: James Smurthwaite

Carbon is king in the mountain bike world, right? Most racers are riding on carbon machines, and they often sit proudly at the top of a brand’s price list, decked out in the top spec. But carbon is far from perfect. It’s expensive, it has a questionable environmental impact, and if it goes wrong, it can go really wrong. On top of this, some riders can find it overly stiff and harsh to ride. In short, there can be a trade off for the light and svelte frames it creates. (Read more.)

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