The CyclingTips Weekly Quiz #14

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As another week rolls to a close, it’s time for the latest edition of the CyclingTips Quiz – a weekly institution, purpose-built to give you an opportunity to brag to your riding friends about how much you know about bikes. If you want some background reading? We’ve got it…

In his latest ‘Weekly Spin’ column, Neal Rogers addressed the transfer rumours surrounding one of cycling’s newest grand tour stars.

There was a great story from Caley Fretz about Chad Haga’s emotional time trial win at the Giro.

You can watch an illuminating interview of David Millar here.

There was a great video from Marshall Opel and Caley Fretz, in the lead-up to Marshall’s ride at Dirty Kanza on the weekend.

There was also a stunning photo gallery from the last week of the Giro.

On the tech front this week:

The latest edition of CT Recommends looked at the best bottle cages on the market.

Caley Fretz reviewed the latest top-end shoe from Giro, the Imperial.

Dave Rome took a look at the featherweight new bike from Factor.

There were a whole flock of new bike releases, including high-end gravel machines from OPEN and Allied, along with the latest version of the GT Grade. Trek also rolled out a new, lower-cost Madone.

And, as always, check out the CyclingTips podcast here.

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