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What’s going on in the mountain bike world? The Pinkbike Digest showcases the top dirt articles from our mountain bike sister-site, Pinkbike.com. You’ll get coverage from racing, tech, and some fun storytelling along the way.

10 Things You Probably Shouldn’t Do In The Peloton
By: Taj Mihelich

With all the amazing mountain biking events going on this summer it is easy to forget “The Grand Tour” is happening over in France. It can be confusing understanding all the strategies and unwritten rules of the peloton, but I have compiled a list of some things you definitely probably shouldn’t do. (Read more.)

Cross-Country Tech from the Pits – Les Gets World Cup XC 2019
By: Mike Levy

A look into the pits at the Les Gets World Cup XC race.(Read more.)

Video: Yet Another Mountain Biker Jumps Over the Tour de France Peloton
By: James Smurthwaite

Because even Pinkbike likes the Tour de France. (Read more.)

Delta Airlines Eliminates Fee for Sporting Equipment Including Bikes
By: Daniel Sapp

Flying with a bike just got a lot less expensive for Delta Airlines customers. The company announced that it is eliminating additional fees for bikes, as well as all oversized sports gear. (Read more.)

Through the Eyes of the Beerholder – Sunday Comics with Taj Mihelich
By: Taj Mihelich

Over my lifetime I have learned how to enjoy pretty much every kind of bike riding. However, I do remember those times when I was so focused on one kind of riding that I didn’t give much credit to the others. I hope y’all enjoy any kind of bike that you end up on, but with this comic I’m going back to my more close-minded days. For your entertainment… (Read more.)

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