CyclingTips Podcast: Tech rants and raves

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There’s a lot to rave about in modern bike tech, and a lot to rant about, too. James Huang leads this episode off with a Nerd Alert segment discussing the best and worst of the bike industry. 

This week’s episode is recorded from our Endless Gravel van, and we have chief gravel correspondent (and van driver) Marshall Opel on the show to discuss gravel racing and victory – and whether the two belong together. 

Finally, Matt de Neef is in Boulder all the way from CT’s Melbourne office and discusses his ride up Mt. Evans, the highest paved road in North America.  

New for this week, we have a new way for you to catch our weekly Podcast: On Youtube. Check out the (condensed) video version of the pod above, or listen to the full episode here:

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