Use Strava to find out how many unique miles you’ve ridden

by Caley Fretz

Ever wonder how many unique miles (or kilometres) you’ve ridden? Curious how adventurous you really are, compared to your friends? There’s an app for that.

Well, not really an app. The website pulls your Strava data and then analyzes all your rides, figures out which sections of road you’ve ridden before, and then pushes out a “new miles” number. That’s the number of unique miles you’ve ridden this month, this year, and ever. Not a total distance, but a total distance on new roads. It’s a picture of how adventurous you’ve been – how many new roads you’ve turned onto and explored.

If you’re a Strava user, you’ve probably seen the Strava heatmap, covered in squiggly red and purple lines that show where you’ve ridden. The darker the color, the more you’ve ridden there. Wandrer looks for the opposite, tallying up those faint lines you’ve only hit once.

The idea, as the site states, is to “encourage you to take a small action against going where you’d normally go.” It was founded in Atlanta, Georgia, and originally designed to map out the location of urban fruit trees for a US Forest Service project. That project led the site’s founders to new neighborhoods, on new roads, and so they developed Wandrer to help inspire others to go on a similar journey.

One of our photographers, Jered Gruber, clued me into the site this week – he’s also in 4th overall on Wandrer’s rankings, with 26,380 unique Earth miles. It’s no surprise that a cycling photographer can do well here. The Grubers spend most of their year traveling, with a few home bases, and are constantly exploring new roads.

Wandrer.Earth will even tell you what percentage of the Earth’s roads you’ve covered, out of an estimated 51,919,042 km, or 32,260,997 miles of available road. It provides a big map of all the unique roads you’ve ridden on and a leaderboard that ranks users based on their new road miles this month. Koos Woestenburg is the current leader, with 1,267 new miles this month.

Connecting Wandrer to your Strava is easy – just head to, log into Strava, allow Wandrer to access your Strava data (you can revoke this access at any time), and wait. Warning, if you have a lot of Strava rides, it will take a while for them all to populate.

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