Wahoo updates Elemnt GPS firmware: Now Varia-friendly

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It’s been long-requested and now it’s finally here: Wahoo’s latest firmware update brings ANT+ Radar compatibility to all Elemnt GPS units. This update means users of Garmin’s Varia Radar will now be able to sync a Wahoo device for colour-coded and visual alerts of approaching vehicles. It’s seemingly a small update, but one that Wahoo readily admits was one of the most requested features missing from its devices.

Wahoo Elemnt Bolt Car detection
An example of the Elemnt Bolt setup with Garmin’s Varia radar detection. Look at those little cars — how fun.

While Wahoo’s compatibility update is limited to the Varia Radar device, it’s quite possible we’ll see compatibility for ANT+-enabled lights and similar devices added in the near future, too. However, where compatibility with ANT+ lights is a nice-to-have feature found in certain Garmin units, it’s not a purchase-decider like Varia compatibility was for some.

The new firmware update also introduces the option of TrainerRoad Outdoor Workouts, which allow you to substitute an outside equivalent for your scheduled indoor TrainerRoad workout. According to Wahoo, TrainerRoad will also soon join the likes of Today’s Plan and Training Peaks in allowing its users to seamlessly sync their workouts to their Wahoo Elemnt unit – a feature that is not available just yet.

Firmware updates are done automatically by having the device connected to your home Wi-Fi network, or can be done manually through Wahoo’s companion smartphone app.

In bigger news for Wahoo fans, the company’s press release has teased a major announcement for next week’s Eurobike tradeshow, going as far as saying that it will “reinvent the space of indoor training”. That’s a big call, and one we’re eager to learn more about.

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