Eurobike 2019: The best new products, part two

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Eurobike is done and dusted for another year. The CyclingTips team is back at home with an armful full of tech content, and this is the latest.

If you’re yet to catch up on any of our coverage, firstly, shame on you, but secondly why not head here to rummage through the numerous tech galleries, articles and videos we’ve posted from the worlds biggest cycle show.

This year we saw numerous trends explode at the Eurobike show. James recently wrote about his surprise at how indoor training seemed to take over the show this year. Many brands launched not just tech-heavy, but also high-priced home trainers. E-bikes were yet again a vast if not primary part of the show, with pretty much every brand from your favourite Italian classic builder to odd random German manufactures offering everything from e-Town bikes to e-gravel machines. If either of these subjects floats your boat, then stay tuned to the Youtube channel for videos covering these two subsections of the cycling world in the coming weeks.

Away from these two major trends, there was plenty of fancy kit that shone through the whizzing of the electric motors and the whirl of turbo flywheels.

So here we have it (the vid at the top of the page), our second instalment of the products that grabbed our attention. In this episode, we’ve got everything from fancy shoes that a ceratin ex-multiple world champ could be donning in 2020, to neat tools (obviously a Dave Rome pick), to slick steel frames and a legend of the industry playing on a bike that definitely is far too small for him.

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