With firmware update, Wahoo Kickr 2018 and Kickr Core add integrated cadence measurement

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Thanks to a firmware update, KICKR 2018 and KICKR Core smart trainers now feature integrated cadence measurement. No longer is an external cadence sensor required, instead, the trainers now calculate the cadence with no extra hardware and transmit it through a shared signal.

According to Wahoo’s product developer, Tyler Harris, it works similarly to the speed measurement and comes from extensive time analysing pedal stroke forces, shifting patterns and pedalling dead spots. “We’ve been testing it for a few months and it’s been really good,” Harris said. The claim is that the integrated measurement falls within 1% accuracy of an external sensor.

The firmware update applies to both the Kickr 2018 and Kickr Core.

Why does this little update matter? The cadence update should prove a big improvement for those with multiple bikes, and/or Apple TV users who previously had to choose between heart rate monitor or cadence when using Zwift.

Additionally, the new firmware update offers the latest Bluetooth stack, with what Wahoo is dubbing “Powerful Connectivity”, otherwise known as multi peripheral connectivity. The limitation of Bluetooth is that it’s a one-to-one connection, however, Wahoo’s update allows for up to three duplicate connections which means you won’t need to disconnect one device in order to have another work. “It’s a true pain point for many people in setting up their device, and it’s a solution to fix that. This is one of our big support calls,” said Harris of the update, which should make starting a workout a truly reliable exercise (pun most definitely intended).

Wahoo has been busy here at Eurobike. They just launched their first indoor training bike and a firmware update for Elemnt allows users to connect to a Radar device. The training bike is the biggest news, but both firmware updates — Radar connectivity and now integrated cadence – are great news for those already on Wahoo products.

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