Women’s Tour Down Under to be livestreamed in 2020

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All four stages of the Santos Women’s Tour Down Under (WTDU) will be livestreamed in 2020, a first for the South Australian race.

The race will be screened on the Seven Network’s 7Plus online platform with the final stage being broadcast on live TV as well.

This development follows the recent promotion of the WTDU to the newly created UCI ProSeries classification, one step below the Women’s WorldTour.

“We are thrilled with the growing interest and excitement around the Santos Women’s Tour Down Under and are committed to the growth of the women’s race as part of the Santos Tour Down Under,” said South Australia’s Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, David Ridgway.

“Having the race livestreamed in its entirety provides an opportunity to broaden the viewership and send out some amazing images from South Australia.

“This wouldn’t have happened without the support of Santos, whose investment has ensured the WTDU can be watched nationally through 7Plus.”

WTDU race director Kimberley Conte welcomed the announcement of livestreaming and of the race’s recent promotion.

“I am always very proud that a great South Australian company such as Santos has made the commitment to invest, not only financially, but also with their people to continue developing opportunities for women in cycling,” she said. “To be able to livestream all four stages of the Santos Women’s Tour Down Under is fantastic and continues to grow the profile of the race, the sport and the athletes.

“South Australia has taken the lead, elevating women in sport through offering equal prize money for male and female competitors in the Santos Tour Down Under, first announced for the 2018 event.

“It has always been the goal of the event to elevate the women’s race to UCI Women’s WorldTour in the coming years and this just puts us one step closer to that.”

The Santos Women’s Tour Down Under took on its current form in 2016, having existed as a criterium series and a National Road Series Event in the four years prior to that. The 2016 edition was won by Katrin Garfoot. Amanda Spratt has won all three editions since.

The 2020 WTDU will be held in and around Adelaide from January 16-19.

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