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What’s going on in the mountain bike world? The Pinkbike Digest showcases the top dirt articles from our mountain bike sister-site, Pinkbike.com. You’ll get coverage from racing, tech, and some fun storytelling along the way.

Shimano Files Patent for Anti-Lock Brake System for Bikes
By: Daniel Sapp

Shimano has filed a patent for an ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) for a vehicle that uses human force as the means for motion, as first spotted by BikeRadar. This indicates that Shimano is well on its way in the development of a working ABS system. ABS systems have been around for a long time in motor-driven applications including motorcycles, the first being patented in the late 1920s. (Read more.)

More Bad Halloween Costume Ideas – Sunday Comics with Taj Mihelich
By: Taj Mihelich

A couple weeks ago I did a Halloween themed comic and I guess I’m still stuck on the subject. For your entertainment, here are some costumes that you probably shouldn’t consider for next year’s festivities. (Read more.)

Opinion: Does Your Riding Style Match Your Lifestyle?
By: Mike Levy

I once had a friend try to convince me that I have a lot in common with koala bears who, he told me mid-smirk, love nothing more than enjoying some quiet alone time and would far prefer to look at a tree than another koala. He went on to say something else about me and koala scent glands, but the gist was that it wouldn’t hurt if I was a bit more social, a bit “friendlier,” to use his exact words.

I didn’t take his advice seriously because koalas aren’t even bears, of course, and because I’ve never been very good at small talk. I do know a better way to get to know someone, though. Without exchanging anything beyond first names and a few primal hoots or hollers you can end up feeling like you know a complete stranger pretty well after just an hour-long pedal. That time on the bike, however brief, can tell you a hell of a lot more about a person than you’ll ever get from a clumsy, forced conversation.

Actually, when I think about it, could watching how someone rides their bike also be a glimpse into how they run the rest of their lives? (Read more.)

Tariffs Lifted on Carbon Frames Under $600 Entering USA
By: James Smurthwaite

A bit of a reprieve has been granted from tariffs on certain carbon bicycle frames – up to a landed, wholesale value of $600 imported from China to the USA, Bicycle Retailer reports.

Bikes and components from China are currently subject to 25% tariffs and this has started to affect the bottom line of cycling companies so it will be welcome news for the industry. (Read more.)

Study Finds Potatoes as Effective as Energy Gels
By: Ed Spratt

A study from the University of Illinois has concluded that potatoes could offer the same benefits as energy gels to cyclists.

The study involved 12 riders completing a two-hour cycling challenge followed by a time trial with riders consuming either water, energy gels or potatoes. The aim of the test was to see how effective a whole-food source of carbohydrates could be for cyclists. (Read more.)

Photo Epic: Formation Ride Day – Women’s Freeride Progression Sessions
By: Katie Holden

It was so impressive to see the transformation over the course of the week. On the first day out there, I had serious jitters because I could sense a lot of doubt from the riders for being able to ride and piece something together. That’s why this place is one of a kind. It is different, it is hard to read, it’s blind, it’s exposed. The dirt feels different. You can’t come here first time around with an ego because it will bite back.

I picked these six girls because they exemplified what I thought it took to excel out here. They are powerful yet graceful, calculated yet daring. They are confident, but not overly so. They are well spoken, thoughtful and sponge-like. They are in a position in their careers where they are leaders and have influence. They embody what it is to be a professional athlete. (Read more.)

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