AusCycling reveals its first board of directors

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The AusCycling initiative to amalgamate Australia’s cycling disciplines might have hit a few hurdles in recent weeks but those behind the proposal are forging on regardless.

The AusCycling Steering Committee today announced the initial board of directors that will guide the organisation into operation, should AusCycling go ahead as planned.

The transitional board will comprise 12 individuals, with each of the sport’s three disciplines — road/track, BMX and MTB — all receiving equal representation. Spearheading the board are the chairpersons of the three existing National Sporting Organisations: Duncan Murray (Cycling Australia), Lee Brentzell (MTBA) and Darren Alomes (BMXA). The other representatives from road/track cycling are Cycling Queensland president Aaron Liang, and Cycling Australia director Anne Gripper.

The initial board will select AusCycling’s first CEO and will guide the organisation until it is fully operational — currently scheduled for the second quarter of 2020. All member clubs will then participate in electing a new board, again ensuring equal representation for all disciplines. A further board position has been reserved for the Chair of the National Advisory Council, which will represent the states and territories. That position will be filled once AusCycling is fully operational.

At the time of writing, only MTB has officially voted to join AusCycling. An MTBA meeting on November 30 revealed resounding support for the proposal, with 89% of votes cast in favour of AusCycling.

BMX and road/track, meanwhile, look set to vote down the proposal at the national level. In both disciplines, three of eight states have indicated they’ll vote ‘no’ to the initiative, enough to prevent the 75% support required for those disciplines to join AusCycling in their entirety. It remains possible that ‘yes’ states within disciplines that vote ‘no’ could join AusCycling of their own volition.

Members of the transitional AusCycling board

– Lee Brentzell, MTB Australia chair
– Darren Alomes, BMX Australia chair
– Duncan Murray, Cycling Australia chair
– The Hon Ruth McColl AO SC, former Judge of the NSW Court of Appeal
– Brian Gallagher, Chief Sales Officer, Southern Cross Austereo (Independent)
– Aaron Liang, Cycling Queensland president (CA)
– Anne Gripper, Executive Director at the NSW Office of Sport (CA)
– Gemma Kernich, President, Port Adelaide Cycling Club (MTBA)
– Jenni McLeod, Founder of the Shredding Betties mountain bike club (MTBA)
– Dale Percy, BMX Australia vice president (BMXA)
– Katrina Harnwell, BMX Australia Director of Finance (BMXA)
– One further independent director, expected to be from Western Australia

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