Rory Sutherland breaks leg in e-scooter crash

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Rory Sutherland underwent surgery in a Tel Aviv hospital last night after crashing on a dockless scooter and breaking his leg.

The Isreal Start-Up Nation rider was on his way back his team hotel when he hit a small curb and crashed. He was taken to Ichilov General Hospital where he underwent surgery on a broken leg. The precise nature of his injuries has not yet been released.

Sutherland, 37, missed the team presentation of his new team, and is expected to require a few months to recover fully.

The small, dockless scooters, easily unlocked with an app, are a common sight in cities the world over. They’re also notoriously dangerous, with tiny wheels and a high steering position. A recent study conducted in Portland, Oregon indicated a rate of 2.2 crashes per 10,000 miles, compared to .01 accidents over the same distance for automobiles and .05 for motorbikes.

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