Silca debuts titanium… straws

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Yes, you read that correctly. The company with the decades-long pedigree in heirloom-quality tire pumps and the more recently-earned reputation for an unrelentingly obsessive approach to technical proficiency in a more diverse range of accessories has now turned its attention to titanium drinking straws.

For US$30, you get a pair — one straight, one curved — of 3/2.5 titanium straws that are anodized in your choice of four colors, laser-etched, and bead-blasted, not to mention undeniably cool, if not also rather excessive.

That said, Silca also has an interesting environmental pitch to make with these. In addition to reducing the waste of disposable plastic drinking straws (currently a hot topic for those paying attention), Silca actually makes these using leftover pieces from its Sicuro titanium water bottle cages, even adjusting the length of the raw rods to leave a more usable 8.5″-long section after half a dozen cage blanks are cut out.

According to Silca, the only wasted titanium are the chips produced by the cutting saws (and even those are likely recycled).

Ok, Silca, I guess that’s pretty neat.

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