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Dear readers,

As we continuously re-evaluate our coverage of women’s cycling, we want your input.

Last week’s Womens Tour Down Under provided a small example of the approach we have planned for 2020 and beyond. In addition to the new podcast ‘Freewheeling‘ with Abby Mickey, we included opinions, segments, and interviews in the mix of our regular programming – like this podcast with Ruth Winder and Brodie Chapman. We provided race previews and coverage, and sent some of the best photographers in the world to capture stunning galleries. We’re following up-and-coming riders like Sarah Gigante, and sharing stories of established pros like Lizzie Deignan, as well as covering the trends in kit and tech.

We’re not striving for better women’s cycling coverage to be politically correct. We’re doing it because it’s important to the community, to the riders, and to everyone they inspire.

Help frame the future direction of our coverage by providing your thoughts around women’s cycling in this short survey.

Thanks in advance for your time.

The CyclingTips Team

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