Silca’s New Nastro Bar Tape and a Crash Replacement Policy

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Crashing sucks. Scuffing up that new bar tape that you just wrapped sucks even more.

Along with the release of two new Nastro bar tapes, Aero and Cuscino, Silca is introducing a new crash replacement policy that allows riders who have damaged their Nastro bar tape within a year of purchase to replace it through their original retailer at a discount. Their goal is to ensure riders not only always have intact bar tape, but that they also take the time to assess potential damage to the handlebar underneath, preventing potential for future injury.

In addition to the crash replacement policy, Silca is also adding two new versions to its Nastro family of bar tapes, which first launched in May 2019, taking notes from Formula 1 and running shoe technologies.

The single-layer Nastro Aero primarily provides grip on track and time trial bikes that are optimized for aerodynamics, although its scant 1mm thickness will still feel more forgiving than commonly used grip tapes. The Nastro Cuscino is quite the opposite, with a 3.5mm thickness and a three-layer construction that Silca says feels even cushier. The Cuscino is the thickest in the Nastro family, making it a prime contender for gravel riders.

The Aero and Cuscino bar tapes will utilize the same technology as the current Piloti (1.85mm) and Fiore (2.5mm) versions, and all use multi-layer laminates that incorporate the same high-rebound foam that are used in Nike’s latest running shoes, ultra-tacky surfaces layers derived from race car tires, and vibration-absorbing 3M adhesives. The Nastro Aero costs US$15 and only comes in black, while the Cuscino is US$50 and has a few more subtle colour options that include black, Miami green, orange, and blue.

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