Announcing the 2020 VeloClub Summit: Taiwan KOM

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Midway through 2018 we took members on our inaugural VeloClub Summit through the Japanese Alps, culminating in a memorable (and challenging!) final day on Mt Fuji. In 2019 we took to the north of Thailand for a ride in and around Chiang Mai, through the ‘Golden Triangle’, and right up to the border of Myanmar and back.

The 2020 VeloClub Summit: Taiwan KOM is now open for VeloClub members, and is filling up fast!.

This year we’re pulling out all the stops and taking the VeloClub Summit to Taiwan! In addition to an exclusive behind-the-scenes factory tour (we’re pulling in all the favours on that one) we’ll be taking on a couple of days of chilled riding (think save-your-legs rides through jaw-dropping scenery, and relatively flat days), and as a finale we will be tackling the Taiwan KOM alongside the pros as part of the official race (well, alongside the pros until we all get dropped at the end of the neutral sector!).

The Taiwan KOM starts at sea level and ends way up in the sky four or more hours and 3,275m higher, stopping finally at a little notch in the long ridge of mountains that runs down this island’s spine. It is an incredible event and a fitting way to cap off the summit.

Of course this summit is only one of many reasons to sign-up and become a VeloClub member.

Over the years quite a few CT staff have attended the Taiwan KOM including Caley Fretz riding (racing?) with Nathan Haas, and Wade Wallace discovering the holy grail of climbing. We can’t recommend it highly enough – it is a true bucket-list ride!

This is going to be a truly special event – we hope to see you there.

Head here for more information on the trip, and to see the full itinerary.

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