Despite denials, Harrison Ford definitely rides an e-bike

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Here’s a sentence I didn’t expect to write today: this week, Harrison Ford appeared on US chat show Ellen, where he angrily denied riding an e-bike despite all evidence to the contrary.

Ford, who is the star of hit films including Morning Glory and The Expendables 3 and lent his considerable vocal talents to the role of Rooster in The Secret Life of Pets 2, sat down for a discussion with the titular host of the show, Ellen Degeneres, where – as a buff 77-year-old dude – the topic naturally enough turned to his exercise regime. “I work out a bit; I ride bikes and I play tennis,” said the Working Girl star, gesturing toward a displayed picture of him riding an e-bike, which Degeneres correctly identified as such.

Cue: seven denials of increasing agitation from Ford.

I mean, just watch:

At CyclingTips, we pride ourselves on our investigative reporting, so I did a little dutiful digging behind the blindingly obvious of looking at the pictured e-bike that Harrison Ford, star of Cowboys and Aliens, was definitely riding. It was a (not particularly) wild ride that plunged me into a seamy underbelly of paparazzi shots and online tabloids, with assistance from industry sources along the way.

Ford, who may be familiar to readers for his role in dystopian family drama The Mosquito Coast, discovered a love of cycling in 2016 when recovering from an injury sustained on the set of a small indie sci-fi film that I can’t imagine you’ve heard of.

In the time since, he seems to have built quite a collection of bikes; he has owned no less than two Genesis Croix de Fers (a steel-framed British touring bike), a Trek Madone and a full-suspension Ibis. Ford is also, notably, an Assos bibshort fan. Assos is a brand of knicks whose Kuku Penthouse-accoutrement may have contributed favourably to The Sun magnum opus, ‘Harrison Ford reveals his eye-popping bulge as he goes for a bike ride’ – a headline which showcases the tasteful journalism that esteemed publication has made its calling card.

It is, however, none of those bikes, bibs or bulges that are the subject of this week’s furore, where the K-19: The Widowmaker star denied riding what is definitely an e-bike (which there is absolutely nothing wrong with, but at least own it rather than becoming a case-study for punctured male pride).

The bike that Ford is riding in the above clip, which is definitely an e-bike, features visible Cannondale branding. Naturally, I bothered a very patient Media Relations Manager at that brand for comment, who confirmed that the pictured electric bike that Harrison Ford was definitely riding, despite what he might say, is a Cannondale Tesoro Neo X. Which, to be crystal clear, is an e-bike, which is pretty much like a normal bike but with added midichlorians.

In the parlance of Ford’s other preferred hobby, I believe that is game, set, and match.

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