WTB’s new Raddler gravel tire has more bite than the Riddler

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Described as a “fast gravel tire, with a mountain bike soul”, WTB’s new Raddler is effectively a more aggressive version of the Riddler, with a taller center tread and bigger side knobs, and more open spacing throughout. The overall profile is more squared-off, too, and the result should be better grip on looser surfaces while still maintaining a decently low rolling resistance on hard ground.

WTB will offer the Raddler in both 40 mm and 44 mm widths (in 700c diameters only), with actual weights of 493 g and 505 g, respectively. The Raddler is available in both black and tan-wall colors, with each priced the same as WTB’s other gravel tires at US$60 / AU$TBC / £45 each. All models are tubeless-ready and built on a single-ply 60 TPI casing.

Thankfully, the current Riddler will carry on unchanged (it earned a spot as one of James Huang’s most loved products of 2019) for those wanting a faster semi-slick, but if you’re one to regularly get a little more, well, rad on your gravel bike, the Raddler looks like it might be a solid choice.

See more at wtb.com.

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