Shoddy: Not testing gravel bikes in Arizona

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Another week has dashed by, and that inevitably means I’m going to have to thrust another Shoddy vid upon you.

Here in Annecy, France, it’s been a superb week for getting out on the bike. The sun is out (well, everyday bar my birthday, which I took off for a ride). Temperatures are bizarrely warm, which means the snow hasn’t fallen yet, which also means I can’t get out in some fancy winter kit I’ve wanted to test for a future Shoddy episode. Fingers crossed we get a proper dump of snow and the season starts doing what it should be doing.

Anyhow, on with what is in this week’s episode. There’s no major interview this week in a fancy car, but I do have some fancy bikes that I get two superstar wolfpack riders to talk through. One that got used for a single day and the other that gets some serious power slammed into it regularly.

Elsewhere in the video, I harass half the CyclingTips team, who are currently somewhere in Arizona getting abused by cactus plants, jumping over handlebars and testing a huge, huge fleet of bikes. Caley, Dave, Abby and James along with Phil behind the camera, are in a dusty, hot landscape gathering a bunch of content for later this year. They let us in on all the latest gossip coming from there.

Finally, in this week’s episode, I give my views on CyclingTips’ latest, and we’re hoping most significant, campaign, Why It Matters. If you’ve not seen all the information about it, then click here.

And for the final finally, for this week I’d like just to say that all the positive feedback for the past two episodes has meant a huge amount to me personally. I’ll be aiming not to let you all down and deliver what should be a free-flowing, random and above all enjoyable cycling video each week.


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