CT Rewind: Staying in with Shoddy

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I’m not going to go on here too much as to why this week’s Shoddy video is basically a look back at some of the (excellent) content that we’ve had on here as of late. Let’s just say that I thought it would be a good idea to highlight some bit and pieces, written articles, photos, podcasts and videos that, if you were to have a bit of time on your hands, may be of some use. That is assuming you want to while away a few hours divulging cycling content.

It’s been a good few weeks since I last did a Rewind Shoddy episode, and the time seemed pretty fitting. To be honest, I’ve used this episode as an excuse to actually take the time to see what my fellow colleagues are churning out of late. It’s incredible how fast a day can go when you have a small person, in my case, my 2-year-old daughter all of a sudden becoming a “co-worker”. I’m used to tapping away at my desk at home with her at daycare. There’s usually time for a quick read of a few articles, a watch of one of the great vids Phil has put out or lunch with a podcast for company in the background, how it’s all changed.

The moments I squirreled away for the good stuff on CT have evaporated, taken up with drawing elephants, playing with lego and clumsily eating yoghurts. And then I’ve got to look after my daughter, too.

Anyway, if, like me, you’re now a bit more rushed off your feet and are looking for a compository of great articles, then I hope I’ve done you proud. If at the other end of the spectrum you’ve now got bags of time on your hands, then lucky you, I’d advise starting with Iain and Matt’s Milan Sanremo article, you’ll have a lot less after you finish that.

Till next time folks, stay safe, and you never know I may see you on the roads of that online world we call Zwift. That’s if I finally commit to joining!

Below are all the links you’ll need, enjoy.

Iain gets all “Iain” on Colbert and his punctured mountain bike.

The MSR Choose your own adventure (it’s incredible).

Wade and Albi’s Road to Cape Epic (and the eventual roadblock).


You can find them all here. The CyclingTips Podcast, Freewheeling, Nerd Alert, News Cycle and the all-new From The Top:

The latest racing news and only racing news:
The Tour de Quarantine


The latest Gravel bike that Abby reviews. A very nice Canyon (without ‘those’ handlebars!).

All the videos from the gravel field test.

And Dave’s mini-elecric-pump-inflator-gizmo review.

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