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I work in the best industry on Earth – the cycling industry. I’ve met more inspirational, clever, interesting people during my 12 years in this industry than ever before. Some people can make a lot of money doing what we do, but very few do it for the money. Almost everyone I’ve met does it because cycling has captivated them like nothing ever has before, and they want to contribute to the sport in their own way. It’s a passion play, not a money play. And in my experience, true success comes from doing what you love.

This project was inspired by NPR’s ‘How I Build This’ podcast that showcases some of the most interesting entrepreneurial stories in the world. Each time I listened to it I would always think to myself, “I wish someone would do this for the cycling industry.” Every business founder has a remarkable story of struggle and triumph, and I’ve have the privilege to listen to countless of these and have always wished I could record them and share them with CyclingTips audience.

Well now I’m finally doing this in my new show entitled ‘From the Top’ where I share some of the most interesting founder stories I’ve come across in the cycling industry. I’m not just limiting this to business founders either. I’ll be chatting with iconic commentators, photographers, personalities, and anyone else who have created icons within our sport.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I have putting it together.

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