Nerd Alert Podcast: How much does bike weight actually matter?

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Ok, show of hands: who among you has picked up a bike to see how much it weighed?

That’s what we thought.

Here’s the thing, though: Although we all know that it’s easier to climb on a bike that’s lighter than one that’s heavier, what isn’t as obvious is exactly how much it matters. And as it turns out, it doesn’t matter as much as you probably think it does. In this episode of Nerd Alert, tech editor Dave Rome takes a deep dive into the hard science of how mass affects performance in relation to other factors like aerodynamic efficiency and friction.

How much is too much? How do we know when a certain amount of weight savings will really help, and by how much? How much should we care about any of this, anyway?

Fair warning: If you’ve always considered yourself a weight weenie, be prepared, because you might not love what you’re about to hear.

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