Shoddy & Ashleigh Moolman: Olympics vs World Championships

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This week’s video comes from the home – no scrap that – the palatial abode and second job location of South African national road champion and team CCC-Liv’s Ashleigh Moolman.

Ashleigh has been a professional cyclist for ten years now, starting out with the Belgian outfit Lotto Ladies Team and for the past two seasons has been with the CCC-Liv team. On top of being one of the main players in the Polish Women’s World Tour team, Ashleigh is also a budding business lady. Along with her dedicated family, she runs what is possibly the most spectacular cycling training camp accommodation I’ve had the pleasure to stay at, and that was before it was even close to being finished.

Set up on the hills above Banyoles a town only a short ride from the cycling mecca that is Girona, Ashleigh and her family-run not just camps for keen cyclists but for professionals. It’s one heck of a project to be undertaking while still racing at the highest level. But as you’ll find out in this video Ashleigh isn’t one for letting her brain just think about cycling 24/7, far from it.

So, last week while in the area I popped by, grabbed 30 mins with Ashleigh and sat down to chat about everything from how Olympic dreams (if they’re on), running a business, dealing with an unpredictable season, how women’s cycling can move forward and even the view of what Italian’s think of wet hair. It sure is a mixed bag!

This time around, my trip to Girona was but a fleeting visit, a visit that I can’t let you the good folk who come to CT know about…yet. Top Secret. But we have plans. What with this whole season looking a bit on the topsy turvy side I may be making a few more regular visits to the Costa-Brava and in particular Girona. I’ll have my bike with me, but I’ll be there to harass the professionals while they’re probably sitting at home missing the attention that comes from the big races. The aim is to interrupt their Playstation session and attempt to get as many Shoddy videos as possible in the bag. So stay tuned to the Youtube channel and for what we hope will be a plethora of videos from one of the great places in the world to ride your bike…all virus-dependent of course!

As for Ashleigh, we wish her all the luck with the season. It’s going to be an interesting one, I guess.

For that Girona video link click here.

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