Strava’s latest update aims to make things more social

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Strava’s latest app update (version 140.0.0 for IOS, 140.10 for Android) is all about improving the social experience. Most notably, the American company had added in a top-requested feature which reintroduces the ability to see activities in chronological order. Additionally, users can now more easily follow the activities of athletes they care most about.

The chronological sorting option is a surprising one, and loyal Strava users have long been perplexed about why such a basic feature existed within the personal and club feed pages, but was taken away from the overview feed page back in 2017. Thankfully the new mobile app update solves that, and you’ll find the option to enable the more-sensible feed ordering within your profile settings. Just be aware that the change will only apply to new activities moving forward.

The app also adds the ability to more closely stalk follow certain athletes and friends, and even set notifications for whenever they upload something new. Now you can get inside the heads of your closest riding buddies by giving them kudos for all of their work commutes, and silence for their impressive weekend adventures.

To favourite an athlete, simply go to their profile page, select the following button and you’ll be given the option to add them to “Favorites”. Note that athletes will be able to see who’s favourited them. Activities from athletes you’ve favourited will sit at the top of your feed, override the chronological display order function.

Finally, the app update mentions that Strava has removed “all non-Apple heart rate values from our uploaded Health activities”. This comes off the back of a recent announcement that users of the Health app on the Apple Watch can now smoothly sync to Strava, an update that would pool in overlapping sources of heart rate data if multiple devices were used. In the words of Strava, “now, we filter some of the samples out so uploads align with what the athlete sees in their on their Apple Watch.”

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