The road to Cape Epic has reached a dead end

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Cape Epic is cancelled. We’re sitting at dinner outside Cape Town, and the word just came through.

It’s been a year since we set off on our Road to Cape Epic journey, and it was almost complete. The biggest challenge was yet to come: Eight ridiculously challenging days of racing.

We arrived here knowing that we couldn’t be doing this in more uncertain times.

The elephant in the room over the last few days in Cape Town was ‘why is this event still happening?’ At the time of writing this (Friday, March 13) there are 24 reported cases of coronavirus in South Africa. The thought of hundreds of competitors from affected European nations coming down to the event and congregating in the event village tent/motorhomes was clearly too much for the local authorities.

By the time we got off our first flight the coronavirus had been declared a pandemic, the next flight the Australian Grand Prix cancelled, and earlier today, the Giro d’Italia cancelled, all in about 24hrs. Now the race we trained for and flew across the world for is gone, too.

It’s incredibly disappointing with all the work we’ve done to get to this point, but I can’t say that we were nearly as excited as we should have been with the overshadowing situation the world is facing.

We were planning daily videos, and a bit feature after the week. Those won’t happen now. But we hope you enjoy the look at our final preparations, embedded above, nonetheless.

Wishing you and your families good health, calm minds, and a quick end to this.

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