55 photos to make you miss Roubaix (more than you already do)

by Caley Fretz

One day, Paris-Roubaix will return. That day is not today, and we miss it dearly.

Last week, photographers Jered and Ashley Gruber sent over a collection of their favorite Roubaix photos. They date back to 2013 and include shots from every year since. Their selection covered some 765 images – a few too many for us to post here. So we pared it down to 55.

It was a bittersweet process, scrolling through these beautiful shots and picking out those that spoke to us most directly. Each photo was a momentary revival of the pain and beauty that is Paris-Roubaix, and a reminder of its absence. But it was sweet, in the end. Roubaix will return, and cycling fans will be ready.

For obvious reasons, this gallery is best viewed on the largest screen you have available.

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