Cane Creek adds a splash of color to its $1,000 eeWings cranks

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Aching for a tech fix now that the annual Sea Otter Classic trade show has been pushed back to October? Never fear! In its place, we bring you Pond Beaver 2020, our own virtual trade show where we’ve gathered up a mountain of information and images of new gear to come this season, all of which we’ll be rolling out to you in a satisfyingly steady stream over the next few weeks.

Said to be stiffer and more durable than equivalent-weight carbon and aluminium crank arms, Cane Creek’s wholly titanium eeWings cranks have become quite the desirable piece of functional bicycle jewellery across no-expense-spared mountain bike and gravel or all-road builds. And just in time for Pond Beaver, the American manufacturer has announced a number of new options, mostly related to colors.

First is the new eeWings Raven, a new black color option that features a glossy polished polyurethane paint finish. These will be available in either 170 or 175 mm lengths and are shipped with protective 3M tape to ward off heel rub. The paint adds a whopping 3 g to the 400 g raw cranks, and will likely be a semi-limited offering (read: while demand lasts).

Three things stand out about the new eeWings Raven beyond them being black. First, while scuffs and scrapes can be buffed out of the regular raw titanium cranks, the same won’t be possible with these high-gloss painted cranks – Cane Creek is quite open about this fact. Second, Cane Creek has no plans to offer protective crank caps to protect that finish for those that plan on using these off-road. And third, a pair of these crank arms will set you back a monumental US$1,049 – a $50 increase over the already-expensive eeWings cranks (and naturally, these should be paired with a new CeramicSpeed OSPW derailleur upgrade).

In addition, Cane Creek has added a 165 mm-length option to the titanium Mountain eeWings cranks. These are intended for trail, enduro, and freeride applications where lowered bottom bracket heights have increased the frequency of pedal strikes, but of course, they could be used for other off-road applications, too. As with other current eeWings models, Cane Creek will offer the 165 mm size with optional left-only Stages power meters (they won’t be available with the Raven arms, however).

The alloy crank preloaders aren’t brand new, but the colours are.

Finally, Cane Creek has expanded the color options available for the classy machined-aluminum crank bearing preloaders that come standard on its eeWings cranks. Race Face 30 mm, SRAM 30 mm and SRAM DUB crank owners can replace the stock plastic threaded collars and the easily-stripped bolt with this US$30 item, and can now do so with a splash of fun (fun comes in orange, blue, green, red and black).

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