Easy-squeeze Polar Bottle redesign keeps your fluids colder – or hotter

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You’ve certainly seen Polar Bottles around, maybe at a bike shop, but more likely at big-box sporting goods stores and other major retailers: those colorful insulated water bottles that look like someone rolled up a bunch of aluminum foil and stuffed it inside. Maybe you’ve squeezed one and noticed how crinkly it sounded. You were probably intrigued, but even the promise of ice-cold water in the middle of a hot ride wasn’t enough to make you ignore how goofy the things looked and felt.

Well, Polar Bottle — which was purchased by Hydrapak in 2018 — is looking to shed that reputation and get a little more serious with the introduction of its new Breakaway bottle range.

The insulated models still uses a double-walled construction, but instead of just a Mylar sheet of the original model to help maintain temperature, the new version adds a layer of closed-cell foam that the company claims keeps contents hot or cold for twice as long as its predecessor (and eliminates the crinkle factor).

Polar Bottle’s new Breakaway non-insulated bottles look pretty decent, and they’re a couple of bucks cheaper than the competition, too.

A redesign to the bottle itself supposedly makes it easier to squeeze, too, and the new top design incorporates a one-way, self-sealing valve that can be readily disassembled for cleaning. Polar Bottle says the whole thing is dishwasher-safe as well.

Retail price for the insulated version is US$15 / AU$25 / £16 for the 24 oz size, and US$14 / AU$22 / £14 for the smaller 20 oz size.

There are also non-insulated versions available that feature the same redesigned top and bottle shape, but without the insulation.


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