Elite debuts new Jet biodegradable water bottles just in time for Earth Day

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The annual Sea Otter Classic trade show that was originally scheduled for this month has unfortunately postponed to October, so to fill the gaping tech news void left behind in the meantime, we went ahead and put together our own virtual event, which we’ve playfully dubbed … Pond Beaver 2020. We’ve gathered up a mountain of information and images of new gear to come this season, and we’ll be rolling it out to you in a satisfyingly steady stream over the next few weeks.

It’s bad enough when pros chuck empty water bottles on the side of the road, but it’s much worse when you consider how long it takes for the things to break down in the event some rabid fan doesn’t snatch them up for souvenirs. To help combat the issue of bidon wastage in general, though, Elite has just released a new range of bottles that are claimed to be biodegradable.

According to Elite, a “special bio additive” that is incorporated into the Jet bottles’ plastic formulation allows it to essentially be eaten by the microorganisms that are typically used by industrial composting facilities. Where a standard plastic water bottle can take hundreds of years to decompose, Elite says that Jet bottles will completely break down in just three months to five years. Moreover, Elite claims that Jet bottles that have outlived their usefulness can be included with other organic waste materials.

Regardless of color, all Jet bottles have clear windows so you can see exactly how much fluid is left (although just shaking the bottle has always worked just fine for me). Nevertheless, the fact that these are biodegradable is seriously cool.

Of course, that’s not to say that the bottles will fall apart that quickly in open air. The key phrase above is “industrial composting facilities”, after all. In everyday use, the BPA-free polyethylene should behave much like Elite’s other bottles, with a soft body that’s easy to squeeze and a standard diameter that should fit in most cages. The rubber top can also be readily removed from the cap for more thorough cleaning, and Elite says the Jet is dishwasher safe (up to 75°C / 167°F).

Elite will offer the Jet in four colors to start, and in three sizes: 550 mL, 750 mL, and 950 mL. Retail prices are US$8 / AU$10 / £5 / €5.49, US$9 / AU$12 / £6 / €6.49, and US$10 / AU$14 / £7 / €7.49, respectively.


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