Fix-It Sticks targets the holy three-way with new Ratcheting T-Way wrench

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Prolific inventor and serial crowdfunding guru Brian Davis of Fix-It Sticks fame is at it again with a new compact tool designed for home or roadside use.

The new Ratcheting T-Way builds on the success of the existing T-Way wrench, which mimics the form of the original Fix-It Sticks, but in a fixed configuration that doesn’t come apart. As the name suggests, this latest version now integrates an ultra-fine 84-tooth reversible ratchet into the handle. There’s also a handy thumbwheel at the top for easy spinning of hardware that often requires a lot of rotations, like water bottle bolts.

The fine-toothed ratchet is particularly useful for installing or removing things like disc brake rotors and water bottle cages.

Each of the three ends features a magnetic socket for use with standard 1/4-inch bits, and the body is made of nickel-plated steel for strength and corrosion resistance. Interestingly, Fix-It Sticks don’t actually sell the bits themselves (aside from complete tool kits), but they’re widely available at nearly any good hardware or home-improvement store.

“It’s about availability more than anything else,” Davis says. “We’ve struggled to find reliable, well-stocked bit providers, so rather than wait, we’re just going to sell the tool and assume people can find bits or already have them. Also, since we sell in the bike and gun markets, it would mean we’d have to make a decision about what the tools would be used to do, so we’re going with the choose-your-own-adventure style by not making a bit selection.”

The Fix-It Sticks Ratcheting T-Way is similar in size to a traditional three-way wrench, but it offers a lot more utility given the interchangeable bits and integrated ratchet. Of course the Ratcheting T-Way is a lot more expensive, too.

Either way, Davis contends that his Ratcheting T-Way can legitimately replace the three-way wrenches that have long been favored by home and shop mechanics worldwide, owing to the T-Way’s similarly pocket-friendly size, interchangeable bits, and faster ratcheting operation. And as a bonus, the Ratcheting T-Way promises to last longer, too, since the individual bits can be replaced as needed instead of retiring the entire tool once something has worn out.

Retail price in the United States is US$40; pricing for other regions is to be confirmed.

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