Sagan on new 100% sunglasses: “I can see everything I need to”

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San Diego-based 100% has released the latest set of sunglasses to adorn Peter Sagan’s face, and perhaps yours. They’re called Hypercraft, and they’re made of a carbon/nylon weave that results in a total claimed weight of just 23 grams.

That weight puts them in the same range as other ultralight sunglasses like Oakley’s EVZero (around 22-25 grams) and Smith’s Pivlock (around 28 grams).

“Hypercraft is unlike anything I’ve ever felt,” Sagan definitely said. “The UltraCarbon material is so light and stiff that I hardly even noticed I’m wearing them. I can see everything I need to, whether I’m in the peloton or in the middle of the sprint.”

The weaved-in carbon fiber, which 100% calls UltraCarbon, increases the strength of the frame and thus allowed for a slimmer, lighter design. The technology has also been used in two new lifestyle models, the Legere Round and Legere Square, which weigh 17 and 18.5 grams, respectively.

Hypercraft features interchangeable, ventilated lenses to help prevent fogging, and is available with 100%’s HiPer contrast-defining lens or a photochromic lens. The lenses get hydrophobic and oleophobic treatments to keep water, dust, and oil from sticking.

The nose and temple have sticky rubber pads called Ultragrip.

Prices range from US$155 to US$195.

We’ll have a pair in for testing soon, and will let you know whether they live up to the hype…r

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