Niner launches new strapless bags for its own gravel bikes

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The annual Sea Otter Classic trade show unfortunately isn’t happening as usual this month, so to fill the gaping tech news void left in its wake, we went ahead and put together our own virtual event, which we’ve playfully dubbed… Pond Beaver 2020! We’ve gathered up a mountain of information and images of new gear to come this season, and we’ll be rolling it out to you in a satisfying steady stream over the next few weeks.

Niner has just revealed a new range of well-priced bags specifically designed to fit MCR and latest-season RLT gravel bikes. The new bags, consisting of a front triangle frame bag and top tube bag, lack any kind of attachment strap, instead making use of the frame’s fixed mounting points.

Designed to attach to the bolts on the underside of the top tube, the “Bolt-On Front Triangle Bag” frame bag has been specifically designed for a perfect (and easy) fit with Niner’s own frames. The front triangle bag is available in five different sizes, intended to fit the full-size range of MCR 9 and 2020 RLT 9 frames. Older RLT frames (2019 and prior) don’t offer the required mounting points to use these bags.

Strapless bags aren’t at all unique, but Niner’s approach for production bags to suit its own frames is somewhat rare. These frame bags are relatively compact vertically and save room for bidons within the front triangle, too. They will retail for US$65 each.

The “Bolt-On Top Tube” bag is a one-size-fits-all solution for use on the top of the toptube. Without question, this Bento-style bag has many competitors, but Niner’s saving grace may be the US$25 asking price. Using the standard bolt spacing, this bag can be used on other brands of bikes which feature mounting points on the top tube, giving Niner a growing cohort of potential customers.

The toptube bag should work well with other brands of bikes, too.

Finally, Niner will offer a matching ride wallet, something that appears to be slightly larger and more involved than many of the cycling wallets recently reviewed. This particular model opens like a book and offers a zippered security pocket, a phone pocket and multiple card slots. Expect to pay US$35 for this one.

All items are made with durable DWR-coated canvas and feature sealed zippers. Niner claims the bags feature “pliable internal frames” along the spines to help them to hold shape. Further details, including storage volume and external dimensions, are currently unknown.

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