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A month ago, I wrote about our dedication to providing an escape when our audience most needed one. The world was locking down, we were locking down, and nobody knew precisely what lay ahead. We certainly didn’t.

What would happen to our audience?

What would happen to the bike industry?

What would happen to us?

I’m sure many of you have gone through a similar series of questions, pertaining to your own life and work, family and friends. The world now reeks of uncertainty. The answers to big questions remain out of reach.

But here’s something we’ve confirmed: The bike, inside or outside, or only in our heads, is still our anchor. Cycling’s ability to ground us, motivate us, and connect us — that hasn’t changed. Maybe it’s even more obvious now.

This, to us, is what escape means. We’ve poured our time and resources into stories that fit this goal.

For that, you’ve rewarded us. The CyclingTips audience is growing at a rate I wouldn’t have believed a year ago. We’re seeing audience stats in April that rival July and the Tour de France. The chatter on our VeloClub Slack group is through the roof. Comments sections are buzzing. It’s been incredible to watch, and all I can say is thank you. Without all of you, we’re just typing into the ether.

Even more gratifying is watching the number of VeloClub members slowly tick upwards. VeloClub is the backbone of CyclingTips, our buffer against economic headwinds, and a constant inspiration for the stories we cover and produce. All those new readers I just mentioned? Audience size is no guarantee of financial success, not in today’s media landscape.

Members directly support content that is otherwise difficult to monetize – our coverage of women’s cycling, longform reporting, impartial reviews and the like. It’s a bit cruel that the type of content that makes CyclingTips unique, and that many of you love the most, is also the hardest to make profitable under a traditional model. VeloClub is our solution. Every member helps us produce more of what you love.

A month ago, we had no idea what lay ahead. We still don’t, really. But thanks to all of you, our footing is as sure as it can be right now. We have more members than ever, more readers than ever. We can and will continue to do our absolute best to provide you with an escape, with stories that inspire and inform and delight.

We’re all just bike riders, trying to figure this thing out. Thanks for being there for us; it ensures we can be there for you.

Caley Fretz

Editor in Chief | CyclingTips

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