Tour de Quarantine stage 10: A late surge and a long-awaited stage win

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All credit for the creation and production of the Tour de Quarantine goes to race announcer Brad Sohner, who gave us permission to post this bit of genius. Follow Brad on Twitter and keep an eye out for the coming stages of the Tour de Quarantine.

After seeing numerous stage win opportunities go up in smoke due to his difficulties with turning, Zwifter finally delivered a long-awaited stage victory on Wednesday at the Tour de Quarantine.

Stage 10 offered yet another finale full of fireworks as Very Very Cute Dog and Trailer Guy led into the final 500 meters, only to see Zwifter put in a late surge. As Zwifter powered past, Very Very Cute Dog suddenly ran out of steam.

Both Very Very Cute Dog and Trailer Guy ultimately came to a complete stop, allowing Zwifter to cruise to a much-need win.

Very Very Cute Dog and Trailer Guy would remount and get to the finish in that order eight seconds later, marking the second time Very Very Cute Dog has settled for runner-up honors so far this week.

As always, click the video above for highlights from the final kilometers.

1. Zwifter Johns Delivery 4:19:59
2. Very Very Cute Dog (Good Boy) 0:00:08
3. Trailer Guy 0:00:08
4. Lady On Ebike 0:00:12
5. Recumbent Dude 0:00:12

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