Enve’s custom decal program offers a new level of matchy-matchy

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Fancy some fancy decals for your fancy wheels? Enve has announced a new custom decal program applicable for its M Series, G Series, SES and Foundation Collection wheels, allowing you to perfectly match your hoops to whatever you desire.

Custom decals for wheels are nothing new. Indeed, Enve has offered such options to brands, teams and a select few for a number of years, and there’s a handful of small businesses who specialise in catering to individuals. However, the idea of one-off custom decals direct from the wheel company itself is fairly unique and something we suspect other brands will follow with.

Enve’s new online custom decal program is not too dissimilar from design tools used for other products, such as Rapha’s custom kit designer. The online tool lets you pick from multiple patterns, gradients and a myriad of colours. Or you can simply upload your own design.

Bland or bonkers, Enve’s design tool can probably turn your idea into reality.

Priced between US$40 (for Foundation Wheels) and US$80 (for the rest), the decals come as a complete kit for a wheelset, right down to the cleaning wipes required for preparing the rims. The kits also include a few spare wheel decals and matching name stickers for your frame. That price is certainly on the higher end, but it’s not unreasonable compared to what alternative aftermarket and perfectly-sized options sell for.

The decals themselves are produced by veteran print houses Stikrd and Slik Graphics, both of which have long offered similar products, including those for other brands of wheels, direct to consumer.

The Enve decals are available for both pre-existing and new wheel purchases. The latter will see Enve install them for you, however, that assumes you’re buying new wheels direct from Enve’s website.

And there’s one more caveat to Enve’s new program: it’s currently only available to those based in the US. That may upset those looking to buy brand new wheels with the custom graphics already applied, but others can probably achieve their aesthetic dreams by buying directly from the likes of Slik and Stickrd Graphics.

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