Free bike repairs! France will cover €50 worth of shop work per person

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After weeks of lockdown, France is starting to plot out its approach to gradually easing at least some restrictions on public life — and some provisions in the country’s “deconfinement plan” may be of particular interest to cyclists there.

As part of the French government’s plan, cyclists in France will be able take their bikes into the shop for repairs costing up to €50 without paying a thing. As Reuters reports, for those repairs, the French government will foot the bill and then reimburse bike shops.

The French government is enacting the policy, part of a wider cycling-focused push, with an eye towards promoting bikes as a safe form of transportation (and to help ease crowding in subways and buses) as the country gradually moves towards easing lockdown restrictions.

Whatever the circumstances, we’re happy to see our own favorite form of transportation getting some much-deserved love.

The French government has set aside money for a total of 300,000 €50 checks, Reuters reports. Other plans include provisions for the installation of temporary bike parking spots and the creation of bike lanes in certain places, and even the reimbursement of cycling coaching sessions.

As Environment Minister Elisabeth Borne said on Twitter. “We want this period to be a new stage towards a cycling culture and we want the bicycle to be the queen of deconfinement.”

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