Smith Optics throws it back to the 80s with its vibrant Get Wild collection

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Just when you thought bike brands were embracing more subdued color palettes and low-profile graphics, Smith Optics has released a decidedly outlandish range of limited-edition helmets and eyewear dubbed Get Wild, with bright fluorescent hues and bold patterns that are intended to pay homage to ski goggles the company offered back in 1989.

Smith is debuting the collection on its Network and Trace helmets, Ruckus and Wildcat sunglasses, and a matching road kit. There’s no word from Smith, however, on how well the helmets will accommodate big hair, or whether denim kits are planned for future release as well.

So. Much. Eighties.

New high-vis helmet options and photochromic lenses, too

If you like the idea of having brighter shades for road safety, but the Get Wild collection is a little too, well, wild, Smith Optics has also added a few new high-visibility hues for its Trace and Network helmets. Both are otherwise identical to the standard versions, featuring Koroyd tubular polymer energy-absorbing liners (with full coverage on the Trace, and partial coverage on the Network) and standard MIPS low-friction liners. Smith even incorporates glow-in-the-dark panels on some models, too, although it’s questionable how much something like that would actually help with nighttime visibility.

Retail price on the Trace is US$260, while the Network is more affordable at US$170.

If the Get Wild color scheme is a bit too much, there are several new hi-viz options available, too.

On the eyewear front, Smith Optics has released a new photochromic lens with an exceptionally wide range of light transmission and a grey base tint for neutral color perception. At one extreme, the new lens allows 85% of visible light to pass through, which should be good for pre-dawn departures or being caught out after sunset. At the other extreme, the lens only allows for 20% visible light transmission (VLT) for use in reasonably bright and sunny conditions.

The new photochromic lenses are notable for their extreme range of light transmission.

The new photochromic lens is offered in Attack, Attack Max, Attack MTB, Ruckus, Reverb, Trackstand, and Caravan frames. Prices vary by style.

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