CT Recommends, the video series: Road cycling pedals

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Here at CyclingTips we get to test a bunch of stuff, some of us more than others (here’s looking at you Huang and Rome). Some of it — no, scrap that, most of it — is super fancy and bling. Yes, we’re a damn lucky bunch. But there are some items we just stand by no matter what; stuff we’ve found that works perfectly for our needs. This is the stuff we can recommend.

In the past, we’ve covered a whole host of product picks in our CT Recommends articles. We’ve covered rain jackets, shoes, helmets, and even little bits like bottle cages. Some of the staff get super techie with why they choose a certain item (I’m sure you can guess who), and others not so much.

The articles have been well received, but we thought they’d be perfect for an audio/visual makeover. We’ll keep it as a pretty regular series; I’ll reach out to other staff members, nag them on what they’re using and loving, the stuff they want our lovely, lovely readers to know about, and report back.

In this episode, I’ve collared James Huang, Dave Rome and Caley Fretz (kinda) to tell us about the pedals they wouldn’t be without.

If there’s a product category you think we need to tackle, let us know in the comments below or over on YouTube. I’d love to hear from you.

Oh, and for the original article, the in-depth one with all the cast and crew, follow this link to see our favourite road pedals.

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