CyclingTips Podcast: The Pride episode

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Paul Hartner is 21 years old, races for the Project Echelon elite team, and has dreams of a pro career. This makes him one of the most accomplished openly queer male cyclists on earth.

This is Paul’s coming out story, and the story of being out in the cycling world. It’s told with the help of Trek-Segafredo pro Tayler Wiles and the rider who helped guide Paul out of the closet, Owen McGrath. 

This episode was sparked a few years ago, when Owen, a riding buddy of mine, told a piece of his own coming out story. He was a hockey player in high school, and a lacrosse player, and as he came to terms with his sexuality he turned away from both. Gay guys, he thought, don’t play sports.

In this episode, above all, we wanted to show that they do.

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