Lauren De Crescenzo took the QOM and held a time gap of six minutes at this point.

De Crescenzo Everests in under 10 hours to break women’s record

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One week after Katie Hall set a new women’s Everesting record, fellow America Lauren De Crescenzo has taken hold of the honors after an impressive effort on Sunday in Georgia.

De Crescenzo completed 24 trips up the Hog Pen Gap climb to compile 8,848 vertical meters (29,029 feet) in a confirmed record time of nine hours, 57 minutes, and 29 seconds, making her the first woman to break the 10-hour mark.

She took on the endeavor in an effort to raise money for Craig Hospital and Grady Hospital. De Crescenzo spent five weeks at Craig – six days of that in a medically induced coma – following a serious crash during the 2016 San Dimas Stage Race that left her with a traumatic brain injury and memory loss, in addition to multiple fractures.

Despite the severity of her injuries, De Crescenzo worked her way back over time, and has since won the Crusher in the Tushar gravel race and a national collegiate time trial title (as well as completing a graduate degree).

Now, she’s an Everesting world record holder.

As she wrote on Instagram, pedaling for a cause offered “something wonderful to ride for and complete our trip up Hog Pen Gap 24 times.”

All told, De Crescenzo traversed 180 kilometers (111.9 miles) over the course of her ride, holding a weighted average power of 218 watts during the trip en route to her record-setting time.

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